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Tizzle Kidd Fitz: Living the High Life on the West Coast

  Meet Tizzle Kidd Fitz, a talented and hardworking West Coast rapper, known for his love of smoking weed, having a good time, and staying focused on his music career. His tracks celebrate the high life while emphasizing the importance of staying on the grind.

  Growing up, Tizzle was introduced to music by his brother, who mentored him as he entered the industry. He started by releasing projects on SoundCloud and quickly learned the ins and outs of the game. Tizzle found inspiration in artists like Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Smoke DZA, and Snoop Dogg, blending their styles with his love for Reggae and Pop music.

   Tizzle's journey began with a show at The Study in Hollywood in 2018, followed by numerous projects, including singles, mixtapes, and albums. He has performed at renowned festivals such as Rolling Loud, Highlife, and Kush Stock, and has traveled to Vegas, forging connections in the local scene. With an expanding discography, Tizzle's releases include the EPs 'What Are You Waiting 4?' and 'Il Ricco,' and albums 'Waiting Series,' 'HighLife: The Beginning,' and 'Snaps.'

    Lyrically, Tizzle's music focuses on chasing dreams, partying, and living the high life, while also highlighting the importance of hard work and determination. His experiences performing, traveling, and promoting his brand are vividly reflected in his tracks.

    A dynamic live performer, Tizzle has taken his music on the road with the 420 Tour from San Diego to Oakland, featuring at festivals like Rolling Loud, Highlife, and Kush Stock, as well as local shows in the 818 and 702 areas.

Looking ahead, Tizzle plans to collaborate with local artists on EPs and albums while building his solo catalog with hit songs. Beyond music, his personal interests include smoking weed, traveling, and spending time with family and loved ones.

    Stay connected with Tizzle Kidd Fitz on Instagram (@tizzlekiddfitz), Twitter (@tizzlekiddfitz), and Facebook (tizzlekiddfitz). For inquiries, reach out to (


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