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Tizzle Kidd Fitz

  In the vibrant streets of Van Nuys, California, a story began that would resonate through the lanes of the music industry like a powerful melody. This is the story of Tizzle Kidd Fitz, a narrative woven from the dreams and aspirations of a young boy who found his true calling not in the bounce of a basketball but in the rhythm of a beat.

  Born in 1998, Tizzle's early years were underscored by a love for basketball, a passion inherited from his family. He spent countless hours on the court, dribbling and shooting, aiming for a future in sports. But life, as it often does, played a different tune for Tizzle. At the tender age of 10, a disheartening encounter with a basketball coach left him questioning his path. During these moments of introspection, Tizzle discovered a new arena where he truly belonged - music. Influenced by the iconic sounds of Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, he began to see music not just as a form of entertainment but as a medium of self-expression and identity.
Tizzle's journey into the world of music was like a phoenix rising from the ashes of his basketball dreams. He started crafting his unique sound, a blend that mirrored the streets of his upbringing and experiences. His early projects, 'Grind Pays and 'HighLife: The Beginning,' were more than just collections of songs; they were the chapters of his life, narrating tales of youthful adventures and the pursuit of dreams.
With each release, Tizzle's connection with his audience deepened. His music was not just heard; it was felt. 'Grind Pays' resonated with the hustlers, the dreamers fighting for their place in the world. 'HighLife: The Beginning' became an anthem for those embarking on new journeys, embracing life's highs and lows. His discography wasn't just a collection of songs but a tapestry of life's experiences, intricately woven and deeply personal.

  On stage, Tizzle was an embodiment of energy and charisma. His performances at festivals and tours showcased his dynamic presence, capturing audiences with his raw passion and authentic delivery. He wasn't just performing; he was sharing a part of himself, inviting the audience into his world.

  As Tizzle Kidd Fitz looks towards the future, his eyes are set on new horizons. With the upcoming release of 'Forever In The Zone,' he is ready to unfold another chapter of his journey, inviting fans and new listeners to join him in this continuous saga of musical exploration. His story is not just about a boy from Van Nuys who made it big; it's about resilience, finding one's true calling, and the power of music to transcend boundaries.

    Stay connected with Tizzle Kidd Fitz on Instagram (@tizzlekiddfitz), Twitter (@tizzlekiddfitz), and Facebook (tizzlekiddfitz). For inquiries, reach out to (


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