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What Are You Waiting 4...

What Are You Waiting 4 is here! After 2 long years of releasing projects independently through, Kidd Fitz renews his deal with Stones Entertainment and partners with Bag Chasin Association to release is biggest project yet. Unlike the rest of the Waiting series, What Are You Waiting 4 is a combo pack. The mixtape, which takes you into the world of Tizzle Kidd Fitz, touching on the events happening to Tizzle outside of music. The other part, E.P., which takes you through the life of the youth in Los Angeles 2020. With 6 new videos and 13 new tracks, Kidd Fitz plans to show the world the progression, more importantly how anyone can progress and become who they want.

What Are You Waiting 4: E.P.

The Chase

The Drip

The Party

What Are You Waiting 4: Mixtape

Everywhere We Go

   Everywhere We Go, Tizzle Kidd explains his run ins with the 420 events in Socal. From San Diego to L.A. Kidd Fitz hit every Weed session, 420 party, or Festival all 2018 coming into 2019, performing at each event while pushing the Waiting series along with the merch. EveryDay Tk is Kidd Fitz Vlog where he takes you up close to these events.

Focus Everyday

   Focus Everyday takes you through the studio session with Kidd Fitz. He travels with his gang which inspires him to continue making smash records. His process consists of being around beautiful women, hanging with his crew, and of corse enjoying the best of California's best herb. Watch EveryDay TK on Youtube to see the life of the amazing Tizzle Kidd. 

No Fake Luv

   No Fake Luv Kidd Fitz is introduced to the world of jealousy and lust. Women are different now with his emerging stardom and he feels the effects of women using that stardom to their benefit. Kidd Fitz has always been and will always be one for the ladies.

Came Up

Came Up Kidd Fitz goes off about the loyalty to the game and his craft. Kidd Fitz has always had a hard working mentality since a young boy, and now he is in the music industry with the same energy. Tizzle Kidd plans to separate himself from other artist by displaying his talents constantly and improving.

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